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During the summer, when the sun is shining, school’s out, and fun is in the air, many customers push everything related to business as far out of their minds as possible. Similarly, more than a few companies spend summer focusing on things besides contacting clients.

And so it happens that the year’s warmest and sunniest stretch often serves as something of a cooling-off period for businesses and customers. But it doesn’t have to. On the contrary, companies can take some simple and effective steps to contact clients, to see if they need any additional products or services, and to remind them that they are valued.

In the long term, this practice will result in more satisfied customers and larger profits.

Let’s take a look at three ways companies can stay in touch with clients during the summer!

Request Feedback via Email

Feedback-request emails—simple questionnaires and instructions—are tremendous for a few reasons.

First, they allow customers’ opinions and preferences to be better understood, benefitting the company at-hand in the process. Next, they remind clients of the brand, which may prompt them to get in touch with additional orders. Lastly, feedback-request emails break the ice for autumn, when a substantial number of clients decide to invest and products and services, so as to be prepared for winter.

In short, there are many reasons to request feedback with an email, and there are virtually no reasons to not do so.

Hold a Customer Appreciation Day

Even companies that sell decidedly un-outdoorsy products or services can help customers to enjoy the warm weather.

A “Customer Appreciation Day,” complete with snacks, games, and giveaways, is an affordable way to stay in touch with clients and remind them of how important their business is. They’ll have a good time, and because of the boost in transactions, so will business owners!

Plus, employees can also soak in the sun and have a good time!

Offer a Summertime Special

Lastly, many business owners are surprised to learn that tons of clients are willing to take advantage of a summertime special—some sort of discount or promotion. Even a simple freebie—a branded pen, notepad, or t-shirt—is likely to bring customers in the door.

It’s not that these individuals wouldn’t have provided additional orders. Rather, it’s that these individuals probably wouldn’t have done so during the hustle and bustle of summer. A wallet-friendly event will attract their business—and remind them that their support is significant.

It’s tough to stay in touch with clients during the summer, but it isn’t impossible. These tips are sure to help, benefiting both companies and customers in the process.