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James crickmore

Director of Leisure Parks|Entrepreneur|Lifelong Supporter of Manchester United

James’ Story

James Crickmore is a passionate professional with a career in business and real estate. Starting a young age, his expertise in business began to take shape as a door-to-door salesman. Here, he honed his people skills and courage in business, something that would directly contribute to his career down the line. James is a lover of people, and he thrives on developing close relationships that are edifying and enlightening for both parties. His entrepreneurial spirit – one that is obvious to all those around him – has been a foundational reason for his success in business over the past two decades.

James’ career in real estate began at only 16 when he made enough money on his own to invest in his father’s business. Currently, he builds luxury houses and holiday residential caravan parks for those entering retirement and those currently retired. James’ favourite part about this is the happiness and satisfaction he sees in the eyes of those he provides sustainable and aesthetically pleasing housing for. He also enjoys the challenge of taking something old and creating something new and beautiful from the rubble.

Currently, James Crickmore is the Director of Leisure Parks Luxury Living Limited. He owns four mobile parks, including Yarwell Mill Country Park, Hayes Country Park, Woodlands Country Park, and Willoway Country Park. James, along with Leisure Parks, takes pride in providing his clients with all that is necessary for turning their retirement living dreams into a fully furnished, luxury reality. Leisure Parks has over 50 years of experience in the industry through both residential building and luxury development. The works of Leisure Parks are recognised throughout the industry, and the business has rightfully earned the titles of ‘innovator’ and ‘visionary’. In the end, the business model is simple: a customer chooses the park and the plot, and Leisure Parks does the rest.

In addition to his professional career, James Crickmore is a dedicated family man. He is a loving husband to a beautiful wife and a caring father to two wonderful kids. In his downtime, he enjoys fitness, golf, snooker, and regularly attending football matches as a devoted and passionate Manchester United supporter. He also enjoys spending time driving the country roads around his town in his Rolls Royce Dawn, Spider Ferrari, and his Range Rover Sport SVR.

Jame’s Passions

  • Loving Family Man
  • Dedicated Manchester United Supporter
  • Snooker Trick-Shot Aficionado
  • Exercise Enthusiast 
  • Entrepreneur

About Lesiure Parks

“At Leisure Parks Luxury Living Limited we pride ourselves in providing our clients with all they require to turn their dreams into reality with fully furnished Residential Park Homes. We have over 50 years experience in this industry whether it be in Residential or Leisure Park Living. We have four parks spread across the south of the country all offering something a bit different to cater for the ever changing needs of our new clients.”

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